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Leo Shang

Leo Shang joined Jinding in 2019. He has over 14 years of experience in real estate sales and development in Australia.

His career started with Three Sixty Property Group, a leading real estate project marketing and sales company in Australia. As one of the founding employees, Leo witnessed the 10-year rapid development of Melbourne’s real estate market and participated in the planning and sales of many landmark buildings in Melbourne. The division that Leo leads has generated more than A$2.3b in sales of real estate projects. Leo’s main responsibilities include developing the company’s sales network and expanding business with well-known developers and project marketing companies. Leo also runs sales training and event planning for Jinding’s real estate team across Australia and China. Leo holds a Master’s degree in Accounting from Monash University, a Postgraduate Diploma in Management from Queensland Central University and is a licensed Real Estate Agent.
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