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Jay Song

As one of the founders, Jay Song has been with Jinding since its inception in 2016.

Jay is a dynamic entrepreneur and astute investor. His insightful vision and divergent thinking has led Jinding on a fantastic journey and remarkable success in Australia. As a board member, Jay oversees operational development, business negotiations, risk management & controls, as well as overseeing the investment portfolio from a holistic perspective. With a keen eye for innovation, he strives to build Jinding to be recognised as a genuine and wise investor and a community creator. Jay actively collaborates on a range of initiatives across his network in the property and technology industries, and has a reputation for taking a considered and measured approach to business. Real estate and finance services have always been Jay’s greatest passion, which is an influence from his family’s history. Jay has a Master of Finance from Sydney Institute of Technology and a Bachelor of Management from Zhongnan University of Economics and Law in China.

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