Located in Geelong’s growth corridor at Armstrong Creek, Harriott has become an example of ‘best in class’ and was a national finalist for Design Excellence in The Urban Developer Awards. Again, this site was purchased with a Development Approval in place. By challenging the status quo, the following outcomes were achieved.

  • Redesign of the approved masterplan to remove an easement in favour of Queen Elizabeth II · Create direct road connections to the neighbourhood activity centre and regional sports fields ·
  • Creation of ‘lifestyle allotments’ to manage the environmental interface, making flood land a premium and highly sought-after product type
  • Increase yield from 450 to 721 lots
  • 95% of lots are standard dimensions, an increase from 70% under the old scheme
  • Reduce open space from 9.17ha to 3.02 ha while providing more access to green space in closer proximity to all residents
  • Increase NDA from 29.23ha to 35.72ha
  • Harriott is now trading as the premium project in the corridor, with the largest market share
  • The design process followed has been adopted as an example of best practice by Dr Richard Reed, a leading tertiary educator in property development

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