01 Mar 2018

Company News

Company Statement

Australia Jinding Group has encountered multiple instances of fraud and identity theft in the past month. We wish to advise that we are now officially aware that individuals purporting to be employees of Jinding are unscrupulously using pseudonyms to lure prospective tenants to pay bond monies for Melbourne residential properties.

The perpetrators are believed to the based in China and use the ‘WeChat’ social platform to engage with prospective tenants. They provide their fictitious employee credentials and assure the interested parties they are representatives of Jinding to subsequently convince them to transfer AUD $1680 to secure the property. Following the transfer, the WeChat account is immediately deactivated.

Jinding does not currently provide property management services and does not transact with clients on social media platforms. This matter was first raised by our offshore offices seeking to find a resolution to assist the victims and by the victims themselves seeking assistance in recovery of funds. Jinding has sought immediate advice from local authorities and has been directed to report to ACORN (Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network) which is a national policing initiative of the Commonwealth, State and Territory governments. Due to the extra jurisdictional concerns, Victoria Police are unable to engage in an investigation on our behalf. In addition to reporting the issue, Jinding has sent information to Business Licensing Authority and the Real Estate Institute of Victoria to alert them to the fraud encountered which brings our brand into disrepute. Jinding has also reported the bank account provided by the perpetrator to the Commonwealth Bank of Australia as a suspicious account and they are undertaking an investigation.

Jinding will continue our own internal investigation in partnership with our Parent Company in China in order to support the victims and ensure the wider community are aware of these fraudulent and illegal acts.

Anyone with information in relation to false, misleading or fraudulent activity related to international property payment transactions are urged to contact your local police station in the first instance and report direct to ACORN.