12 Jul 2019


Mentoring program

Leaders from Australia’s top property companies are coming together for UDIA Victoria’s mentoring program.

Hosted in partnership with Jinding Developments at our office in the Rialto Towers, applications are now open for property development professionals to be guided by experts from companies from property’s leading organisations. Sessions will cover topics including negotiation, networking, ethics and conflict management.

The program offers participants the opportunity to learn from senior industry figures and develop connections across the industry. Liz Ronson, Managing Director at Jinding Developments, shares her insights on the program and the role of mentoring in the property development industry.

How important is mentoring in the property development industry?

The Australian property landscape offers candidates a great deal of opportunity for their careers, however, this can make planning overwhelming as there isn’t a single direction to take. For those with an interest in property, it can be difficult to foresee an exact path or what is best suited to their natural ability. Mentoring plays an important role as it can assist ambitious property professionals in defining their career goals and growth, whether that be at their own company or within the industry overall.

The team at Jinding Australia is growing rapidly. What do you look for when recruiting individuals to join the team?

The team culture we have built is really important to us. As a growing business, we look for people that can support and build upon what we have already established. We value people that are as passionate about property as we are, and have ambition. We are growing at a rapid rate and we want and need all of our team to be on that journey and contributing. To this end, adaptability is key. We are aiming to innovate and get ahead of the curve. Working as a team and being agile is core to this. Finally, it is important to show humility and be able to have a laugh. Property development can be challenging so as a team and individually, we need to be able to roll with the punches and enjoy what we do!

What outcomes do you hope to achieve with the UDIA mentoring program that Jinding is supporting?

First and foremost, sharing practical experience. University theory is a solid grounding to any career but it has no comparison to hands on experience. Learning from a mentor’s lessons learnt can bridge this gap.

Knowledge sharing is vital in promoting the best outcomes not only for the industry but also the public who are the end users of the developments we create. Mentoring and networks within your own business are great but having connections outside of your own company can open individuals up to new perspectives and opportunities. We are proud to support and play our role in the growth of our industry and hope people can learn from others by continuing to share information.

What do you think makes a great mentor?

Someone that can listen to you and assist in identifying your strengths, weaknesses and personal style. It is not always a matter of changing the way you do something but to identify how you do it and use it your advantage.

Sometimes, simply having someone listen is all that is needed – people can often come to their own answers if they have a great sounding board. Another vital component of being a great mentor is offering a range of perspectives. At times, there isn’t a right or wrong but just many ways to reach an outcome. We are all different and what works for one person might not be the best solution for another.

Do you have any tips for young or aspiring property professionals?

Network: Networks are essential for people at all levels of their careers and it’s a good time to start building these as soon as possible. Young property professionals should take every opportunity to connect with people from across the industry. You never know when you might need to draw on your networks in a professional or even a personal sense.

Be dependable: If you say you are going to do something, do it, then perhaps go further and surprise and delight. This will lead to trust and ideally more opportunities.

Ask for feedback: everyone has blind spots, ask your manager and colleagues to help you identify what you are good at and what can be improved. Performance reviews are an opportunity, make the most of them.

What have you put in place at Jinding to ensure the best decisions are made that tie into the company’s vision?

Firstly, recruiting good people. It’s cliché, but our opportunity and our limitations start with the people on our team.

Ensuring we are all aligned with a common goal means we can have continuous discussion, both formally and informally, on what we are trying to achieve, what is acceptable and what is not. We learn from our mistakes so we can improve on it the next time and recognise what we do well.

We need to understand in depth the markets where we play, with research into competition and our end users’ needs. This is supported with good governance and decision making at the right levels.

The UDIA mentoring program commences with a launch event on Wednesday 24th July.

To participate in the program and learn from industry experts or to find out more, please visit https://www.udiavic.com.au/Events/MENTOR19