17 Mar 2020

Company News


At Jinding, we continue to monitor and act on the advice of the World Health Organisation and the State and Federal Governments relating to the novel coronavirus COVID-19.

Accordingly, we have immediately adjusted the ways we work to ensure minimisation of risk to our teams, stakeholders and the general public.

With recent advice considered, and in accordance with our business continuity plan, we are enacting our work from home strategy over the course of this week. This will see our office at Level 53, Rialto, Spaces location and Sydney George St office closed to visitors and our team will transition to working from home. This arrangement will be reviewed in accordance with further advice.

This period has been allowed for and considered within our business continuity plan and whilst it changes the way we work, we have prepared our team and our business to be able to continue to perform their roles so as not to impact our day to day productivity.

Changes to the way we work include:


  • Avoidance of non-essential face-to-face meetings via the implementation of
  • Phone conferences
  • Video conferences
  • Online communication tools
  • (Upon guidance from authorities, essential business meetings may take place with social distancing recommendations, sanitisation methods and within controlled areas only)

Work from home

  • A systems review has been undertaken and acted on promptly in order to ensure that our teams are able to work at full capacity from home
  • All team members are working in accordance with standard office hours and have full access to all systems and company data to enable them to undertake their role as usual

Event Attendance

  • Jinding staff will not attend public events, meetings, public training, trade shows, or conferences on behalf of the company.

Travel Ban

  • All business-related travel, both domestic and international is suspended until further notice in line with government guidelines.

Should you have any face to face meetings scheduled with our team over the coming period, we will be in touch to make alternate arrangements.

During this period of global uncertainty, we will continue to review and adapt our ways of working to ensure that our business can continue to operate as usual whilst protecting our team and the broader community to ensure our utmost service levels.

We will provide further updates in due course. Please don’t hesitate to contact our team with any queries.