Real Estate
Why Jinding
Why Jinding
Our integrated business model is made up of five business divisions, all working together to achieve the strategic objectives of the group
Our real estate success stems from our experience
in the industry and the extensive networks we have
developed in Australia and Asia.
Jinding, because it is here for the long term, has invested millions, into building and tightly managing
its own, world-best, direct sales team, with a real estate team across China, southeast Asia,
and Australia, Jinding also has a consolidated network of over 500 channel sales partners.

This provides developers great access to the biggest and most successful seller of Australian property in China, the world’s largest market. Jinding has 15 offices, with a team of over 400 sales consultants, and more opening soon across Southeast Asia. In Australia Jinding is in all the main east coast cities, with 5 offices and a team of 60+ staff.
Property buyers also get access to the unmatched knowledge and insight of Jinding’s local teams, Jinding makes sure buyers purchase just the right property, can access supporting services, or property management, and have easy access to someone who can expertly answer questions in the buyer’s own language.
“Through the Jinding network, developers sell more properties, over
much shorter timeframes and through just one contact. Continual
market feedback from Jinding’s local experts helps developers maximise
the attractiveness of their offers and increases sales revenue.“

Since its inception in 2016, the Real Estate Division has hosted an average of 50 visitors per month. Tailored tours of Sydney, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and Melbourne showcase the latest apartments, townhouses, houses, and land opportunities. The tours are also an opportunity for buyers to gain an impression of the Australian lifestyle and ask any questions they may have about moving to and settling in Australia.
The Real Estate Division hosts frequent (four times per week) online and in person events, presentations, seminars, and forums providing prospective purchasers access to information and advice from a range of experts on topics such as tax, investment strategy, and finance. We have been conducting these events for more than five years. Some of our team members travelled the same path as event attendees. This means we know the frequently held concerns, and often asked questions. It is reassuring to know that the events are conducted, and everything explained in your language.
Our mortgage broking business partners offer a range of residential funding solutions for purchasers. Our partners know that no single solution is right for everybody. They understand your needs and concerns and are expert at matching buyers to just the right mortgage for them.
If you require specific concierge services to assist you in your transition to Australia, please check our Services division.
Real Estate
Why Jinding
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