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About Real Estate
Our integrated business model is made up of five business divisions, all working together to achieve the strategic objectives of the group
Jinding is one of Australia’s leading channel sales agencies connecting quality developments with local and international buyers.
Jinding sells and manages quality property, specialising in offerings attractive to international and Australian customers. We’re agile and innovative, with our own tightly managed, direct sales network facilitating intensive, high volume, results driven, time sensitive sales programs.

With Jinding, developers have access to one of the biggest sellers of Australian property in China the world’s largest market. No one understands Chinese property buyers or connects with them better, than Jinding.

Jinding runs multiple highly effective online property seminars via our own multi-lingual YouTube channel to educate buyers and help buyers purchase our property.

“Jinding gets significant repeat business and can give first-hand feedback to developers from its 7-days-a-week network, on how to optimise both build and offerings, to maximise sales.“

Jinding gets developers results quickly, via intensive campaigns, through its own direct sales network. Jinding has 15 offices in China, and five offices in Australia. Developers love the efficiency of being able to deal with just one agent, that sells most to all their stock quickly. 

The Jinding team is also very well connected to and part of the large Australian Chinese community. This gives deep market insight, with further strong connections back to Asia, and enables Jinding to tap into other growing channels for both sales and sourcing investment for Jinding’s Funds Management Division. 

Recent campaign examples include the sale of:

  • 90 apartments in Melbourne, in 3 weeks
  • 70 apartments in Canberra, in 4 weeks
  • 50 apartments in Brisbane, in 3 weeks

Off the Plan Sales

Quality. Connections. Relationships.

Our real estate business is one of Australia’s leading off the plan sales agencies connecting quality developments with local and international investors.

Leaders in off the plan sales

We have worked with over 150 property developers and builders across Australia to market projects including high rise apartments, townhouses, house and land developments, commercial offices, warehouses, and serviced apartments.

Our success

Jinding real estate successes

Our success speaks for itself having been awarded some of the industry’s leading accolades to date:

2021 Awards
Brookfield Residential Properties:
Rivello Best Channel Sales Agency 2021
Number One sales agent for Geocon's Nightfall Development
Number One sales agent for Geocon's Wova Development
The Queensbridge Building 2021:
Number one sales partner
MAC (Melbourne Architectural Constructions):
Most Value Partners
MAC (Melbourne Architectural Constructions):
Top Sales
AHB Group:
No.1 Selling agent

2020 Awards
Greenland (Australia):
Rising Star Award
Outstanding Achievement Award
Top Five Sales Agent Award 2020
Lechte Corp:
The Marker Outstanding Sales Award
Far East Consortium:
No.1 Sales Agent (Australia)
Salvo Property Group:
Stature Southbank Best Channel Agent
Nightfall Canberra Sales Champion
United Asia Group:
Flagstaff Hill Sales Champion
Gadsden West Melbourne Best Channel Agent
Far East Consortium:
Queens Wharf Residences Sales Champion

2019 Awards
No.1 Sales Agent
February-March Sales Champion
Crown Group:
Highest Grossing Sales
Crown Group:
Highest Priced Property Sales
Colliers International:
Sales Champion
Hermitage Homes:
Outstanding Sales Award
Far East Consortium:
The Star Residences Epsilon – Sales Champion

2018 Awards
Colliers International:
Sales Champion
Colliers International:
Service Excellence Award
No.1 Sales Agent

2017 Awards
Colliers International:
2017 Fast Sales Growth Award
Far East Consortium:
2017 West Side Place Gold Release – Sales Champion

Our Locations (Australia)

Our Locations (China)

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