Funds Management
About Funds Management
About Funds Management
Our integrated business model is made up of five business divisions, all working together to achieve the strategic objectives of the group
The Funds Management Division with defined capability,
provides our investors with a unique opportunity to
invest into large-scale Australian property projects.


Our investment strategy takes a flexible approach to investment vehicles across senior debt, mezzanine, and equity, allowing us to be agile and identify the most attractive risk-adjusted returns.

The Funds Management Division lends money to the Development Division, to help facilitate the delivery of quality development outcomes for Jinding.

“Jinding gives you understandable and flexible investment options to grow
your wealth, through well researched investment options.“
With Jinding the process of investing your funds is made simple, clear and as flexible as possible. We offer various funds opportunities, that may already align with what you are thinking.

We also have plans for further diversity in our fund’s management into the following investment areas:
  • Significant investment visa related funding opportunities
  • Venture Capital Fund
  • Emerging Companies Fund
  • Real Estate Fund (non-residential real estate fund)
  • Private Equity Fund

Jinding sells directly, rather than through third parties. This means the information flows are clear and understandable. You get regular reports and direct communication from the people investing your money, and you can check your investment online, any time you like.

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Funds Management
About Funds Management
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