About Developments
About Developments
Our integrated business model is made up of five business divisions, all working together to achieve the strategic objectives of the group
Jinding is committed to creating places that not only
last the test of time but enhance our environment
and the way we live.
If you want to sell your development site; a partner to develop with; and/or expert
advisory services, across any part of the development cycle Jinding can assist.

If you have interest in property and want to optimise
its value, Jinding is your ideal partner. We have Australian
wide capability, a track record of success, and a reputation
for “promises delivered,” while being great to work with.
Jinding has mastered the full property development cycle
of research, site acquisition, planning, design, approvals,
delivery, completion, and sale.
Prudently managed, with proven processes and
methodology, Jinding understands the time value of
money, we’re quick to market, backed by a history of
success, in depth analysis, and well-structured planning.
Jinding understands both the macro and micro aspects
of the property market. We are close to, and empathise,
with property buyers. We interrogate project
opportunities to uncover competitive advantages for
our developer partners.
We’re nimble with a flat organisational structure, not
constrained by bureaucracy or legacy. If we see a good
opportunity, we can act quickly.
“Our team has expertise and experience, right across Australia, in both
listed and unlisted environments. We know what works locally, and
more importantly, what doesn’t.“

We work with expert discipline, to yield highest value and best use of all our
developments. Our reputation for win-win outcomes means that contractors,
consultants, and project partners share in the success.
The goodwill we have built up means that we can hand pick the best-of-the-best
consultants and contractors to work on your project.

Our track record is one of on-time, on-budget delivery,
with best-in-class developments and services.
Our portfolio is valued at more than $2.0b and features
an eight-year project pipeline of more than 4,700 homes
including residential lots, house and land packages,
townhomes, apartments, short stay accommodation,
and mixed use.
Because of our reputation we have access to lower
priced development funding, including tier 1 financial
institutions and other highly regarded international and
Australian financial providers.
About Developments
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