Structure & Strategy
Structure & Strategy
Our integrated business model is made up of five business divisions, all working together to achieve the strategic objectives of the group
Each of Jinding’s five divisions adds synergistic value to the others. Our strategy is underpinned by our purpose, ‘Promises Delivered.’

Our Structure

Each of Jinding’s five divisions adds synergistic value to the others. Here’s how:

Quality builds are completed on time and on budget by the Developments division, for Jinding. With our highly experienced team, astute governance and meticulous processes, the Developments division, acquires sites at the right time in the cycles, and develops to world-class -standard, properties that are perfect for the market that demands them.

The Real Estate Division, through its highly effective, international direct sales network in southeast Asia, principally sells properties, not only for Jinding, but also for other leading Australian developers, giving buyers property choices that suit their circumsatnces. Our Real Estate division is largest seller of Australian property, in China, the world’s largest market.

The Investments` Division invests in developments by Jinding but is now more future focussed on attractive emerging opportunities outside the group, where Jinding is a specialist at facilitating intellectual property and technology exchange between Australia, southeast Asia, and China.

The Funds Management Division lends money to the Development Division, to help facilitate the delivery of quality development outcomes for Jinding. It provides shrewd investors, looking for a safe and secure place to grow their wealth, with a rare opportunity to directly invest into large-scale Australian property projects. Our investment strategy takes a flexible approach to investment vehicles across senior debt, mezzanine, and equity, allowing us to be agile and identify the most attractive risk-adjusted returns. 

“Properties are often purchased by investors, who need local experts they can trust to manage them. Jinding’s Real Estate team in conjunction with its 50% owned sister company, VICPROP, manages properties superbly, giving owners confidence and certainty that their property will be looked after and grow in value. “

When the time’s right for investors or property owners to relocate to Australia, Jinding’s Services Division helps them with immigration, visas, finding schools, setting up bank accounts, and positioning for the wonderful lifestyle and business opportunities Australia has to offer. 

The best thing is that all the Jinding divisions work closely together, in a way that truly creates opportunity and synergy, for the benefit of investors and customers. Knowledge and intellectual property are deeply emersed in and shared across the group and its customers. For example, leading Australian developers highly value feedback from the Real Estate Division on how to optimise builds and offerings to maximise sales. It’s all about “promised delivered” Ask anyone who works with Jinding, you’ll see.


Our strategy is underpinned by our purpose ‘Promises Delivered’ delivering what we say we will across all our divisions, and instances where we engage with partners, investors, buyers and of course our highly capable team.  The following three pillars are central to our strategy: 

  1. Integration and network. 
  2. Delivering excellence. 
  3. Diverse in our investments.

After the founders relocated from China, their strategy was to first spend years carefully observing, researching, and analysing business opportunities in Australia. Focus was on those sectors conducive to technology and intellectual property transfer from China. 

Jinding’s strategy now is twofold. First to leverage the stable and respected foundation it has established in its first five years, to significantly grow its Development Division to capitalise on increased residential property and housing market demand in Australia. We will also expand our sales network for Australian developers throughout southeast Asia, based on the owned, direct sales model, which has been so successful in China. 

The second component of our current strategy is to attract further investment and partnerships for expansion and diversification into emerging sectors with potential for significant development in Australia. Sectors like technology, medical, renewable energy, and biotech, where Jinding can add value through intellectual property and technology transfer. We are now actively researching, analysing, and scoping these opportunities, as well as searching for and entering discussions with suitable Australian partners for such investments.

Underlying the current strategy is the growth of the Funds Management Division. Many of the division’s clients have chosen to reinvest back into Jinding offerings. They are also looking to place more funds with Jinding, as are new clients based on the Funds Management Division’s reputation, expertise, and successes.

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