Our Story
Our Story
Our integrated business model is made up of five business divisions, all working together to achieve the strategic objectives of the group
Jinding’s purpose can be summarised as “To create
wealth, security, and happiness for all, through
property, and innovative investments.”
Jinding is a single-entry-point for wealth creation through high quality
property, and astute investments.

Built and here for the long term, we’re ambitious in creating wealth, security, and happiness for all our customers, partners, investors, buyers, and team members.
Composed of five integrated and synergistic divisions: Developments, Real Estate, Investments, Funds Management, and Services, Jinding’s structure is designed to ensure investors, buyers, and partners receive, world-leading outcomes.
Jinding proudly marries the best of east-meets-west. By that we mean, the entrepreneurial spirit and traditional family values from China, and the good governance, management structures and passion for a balanced, quality lifestyle, Aussies are known for.
Because Jinding is an Australian company, we do not require any Foreign Investment Board approvals. Jinding is conservatively geared and funded by a combination of equity, top Australian banks, and astute capital providers. We operate to the highest standards of compliance and governance, are well established, entrepreneurial and fast growing.


Wealth, security, and happiness for all.

  • Wealth
    • Assets and income to live comfortably, and well.
  • Security
    • A feeling that your wealth is safe, secure, and long lasting.
  • Happiness
    • An enjoyable lifestyle for you and your family, with a feeling of well-being.
  • Optimise east meets west
    • Harnessing the synergistic and complimentary skills of both the Australian and Chinese way of doing things.
  • Property and innovative investments
    • High quality (property) developments in Australia and ownership of stakes (investments) in innovative emerging sectors.
  • Seeking greater perfection
    • With a focus on the future, Jinding strives to be constantly improving, and to deliver value in all instances.


From market entry in 2016, Jinding has built a successful foundation, with core fundamentals in place, and an integrated end-to-end model. We have invested in the future to ensure our mission is met. Jinding is a successful, innovative, fast growing, and prudently governed group; purposely built and structured to be here for the long-term, with investment for future growth and expansion integral to our business model.
Jinding continues to operate “ahead of the curve,” adding measurable value for customers and clients across all its integrated and synergistic divisions.
In Development Jinding has earned a reputation for valuable advice, high quality process, diverse asset class build capability, standards, and on time delivery. That means with Jinding you can plan with certainty.
It’s rare in property, but with Jinding, our clients say “We got what we were promised, when it was promised, but more than that, your team was fantastic to work with. Let’s do more together.”
Come to Jinding if you want certainty of outcome. We understand that time is money, and that certainty of outcome gives partners confidence to invest.
The Real Estate division specialises in results driven, time sensitive, cross build type, multi-unit sales, via its own international, tightly managed, direct sales network. This means you get direct access to an exclusive, expert team, that will achieve results for you quicker.
Jinding is the largest and most innovative seller of Australian property in China, the world’s largest market.
If you want to buy or sell multiple properties, on budget, and on time, in Australia or internationally, choose Jinding. We have a proven sales record for results for some of Australia’s largest and highest-profile developers, and we have provided buyers with an extensive selection of residential sales opportunities, via our own well developed and managed sales network.
If you need property looked after in Australia, our expert team will pay close attention to all the little details required to retain or increase its value.
Through its international networks, Jinding has access to advanced cutting-edge technology and intellectual property, which it can transfer to investment partners. We are now actively researching and exploring how to best partner with Australian companies to bring opportunities in emerging technology, and renewables to fruition, just as we have done so successfully with our Developments and Real Estate divisions.
Jinding offer investors opportunities for knowledge and technology transfer from China.
With an extensive network across Asia, Jinding delivers well researched investment opportunities that give investors security and confidence of outcome.
With Jinding opportunities abound and the future is bright. Now is a great time to get in early and partner with Jinding. If you are an innovative company looking to jump over competitors and get ahead of the market in new technologies, then Jinding is the perfect partner.
Our Funds Management division gives clients access to and benefit from some of the best experience, research, analysis, and safe, easy to understand, flexible investment opportunities – in property, and emerging, innovative sectors.
When you invest with Jinding you get a safe, secure, easy, flexible, and proven place to invest and grow your wealth.
If you relocate to safe and friendly Australia, no one looks after you and your family better than our multi-lingual Services division. You will be welcomed, easily find schools, banks, advisers, and everything else you need to settle in, and enjoy the Australian lifestyle.
If you want your Australian property investment well managed, so you don’t have to worry, Jinding does that superbly, giving you confidence and a trouble-free and uncomplicated process.
It’s the perfect time for investors, developers, and property buyers or owners to join up with Jinding and be part of this outstanding story of success.
Our Story
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