Governance and Compliance
Governance and Compliance
Our integrated business model is made up of five business divisions, all working together to achieve the strategic objectives of the group
From day one, Jinding chose to place considerable emphasis on both compliance and governance, to ensure high standards were set.

From day one, Jinding chose to place considerable emphasis on both compliance and governance, to ensure high standards were set. 

First, we choose PwC as our auditors, and engaged leading firms, Hebert Smith Freehills, and Maddocks as our legal advisers. Pitcher Partners and Greenwoods & Herbert Smith Freehills were chosen as tax advisors. Secondly, we made the traditional values of trust and integrity a key part of our values, and how we operate. 

Our Developments Division has an institutional grade governance and compliance structure and operating model, coupled with highly experienced and disciplined leadership and team; our development and construction management methodology, ensures outcomes are assured and of world-class standard.

The following outlines the stringent steps we take to de risk and optimise all acquisitions and developments: 

  • Prior to any site purchase a thorough due diligence process is completed to ascertain best use, identify and mitigate risk, and quantify opportunities, all assumptions are then validated by third party consultants 
  • Annual Development Business Plans are formed and then tracked with fortnightly meetings and Executive oversight 
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual meetings and reporting functions are set to track against Project Business Plans and Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
  • The Project Risks and Opportunities that are established, are continually reviewed to mitigate any possible future or emerging risk and to optimise upside
  • Ongoing engagement with members of key industry bodies ensuring connection to industry trends, market conditions and changes in legislation
  • Work Health and Safety systems (WHS), policies and operating procedures and management are administered to ensure safe sites
  • Information technology solutions are developed for project, stock and customer control and to reduce human error: e.g., CRM, Estate Master, Project Management platforms 

We say and mean “promises delivered.” Our sales network, the largest seller of Australian property into China is tightly managed, to the highest ethical standards. Jinding’s Real Estate Division has licensed agents in all our jurisdictions and operate to highest professional standards, as well as adhering to “promises delivered.”

When it comes to the Funds Management division, governance and compliance is central to our operation. We have a highly disciplined and procedural governance structure with independent advisory and regulation. Our independent custodians, (ASX listed, Mainstream Fund Services) are coupled with an external, respected, independently chaired investment committee. Our reputation for integrity is one of our most important assets.

Below are details of our Funds Management Division governance:

  • Funds Management operates with a separate Board of Directors outside of Jinding to provide unbiased direction and assurance. 
  • All investments are approved by an Investment Committee with an independent Chairman from outside Jinding.
  • The Investment Committee has additional members, including the Funds Management Managing Director and Investment Director of Funds Management for further oversight. 
  • Funds Management has entered into a Custody and Administration Agreement with Mainstream Fund Services Limited, further consolidating our governance.
  • Mainstream Fund Services Limited has engaged JP Morgan Australia as the sub-custodian. 
  • All fund assets are held in custody by Mainstream Fund Services and JP Morgan Australia.

Not only do we hold ourselves to standards that meet applicable laws and regulations, but also to our core values, which are deeply rooted in delivering on our promises and seeking greater perfection.

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